Friday, August 9, 2019

Why is social integration such a problem for immigrants in France Essay

Why is social integration such a problem for immigrants in France - Essay Example (Essess, Dovidio, Dion. 375). European countries faced a large number of migrations after world war-II. The integration of the immigrants is the new challenge for the established states. The countries faced the challenges and struggled with the problem of inclusion of the immigrants in to their social structure. There has been enormous increase in movement of international population with world migration. This is characterized by not only by increased levels of permanent settlement and labor in foreign countries but also temporary migration with varying purpose. The integration of the immigrants, the inclusion of population in the existing social structure of the immigration country is one of the concerns of the state policies and structure. There are four major dimensions, which differentiated the process of integration. The first one is the structure integration, which is the acquisition of rights and access to membership and position to the society. The education system, labor market, housing and citizenship are major factor affects structural integration. The second dimension is cultural integration, which is a precondition of participation and refers to process of cognitive, cultural, behavioral and attitudinal change of persons. The third one is Social integration. The social integration is reflected in the relationship with society and group members. The social intercourse, friendship, marriage and involvement in voluntary association are the part of social integration. Social identification is the fourth dimension. The nationality, ethnics and other forms of multiple and social identification reflect in the membership to a new society. Like other countries in Europe France is also face the increasing of immigration. The European integration and opening up of the internal border of countries within Europe cause the increase in migration in France. The major risk affected by the opening up of borders is immigration, drug trafficking and international crime. The France has had a long history of receiving and encouraging the immigrants. The different goal of immigration is forced by labor needs and population replacement. Between 1850 and 1913 the number of immigrants entering France increase from 3,80,000 to 1.6 million. In this period immigration is encouraged by industrialization in France. Following World War-I the shortage of labor due to military causalities expanding industries welcomes the immigrants to France. During 1921 to 1931 the immigrants' population is increased to 2.7 million, from the major parts of China, Vietnam and different parts of Asia and Africa. The end of World War-II the Government introduce d the centrally controlled policy favoring migration. The Office of National del' Immigration (ONI) was established in 1945 and its regulated residence and employment of foreigners in the country. (James, Rita. 147). In 1974 the government tightened the policy on immigrants and stopped labor immigrants and temporary workers and given preference to the relatives of migrants. In 1984 the French Government rejected one third of migration request from different part of the world. From 1990 onwards the Government rejected 71 to 84 percent of asylum seekers to France. (Heckmann, Schnapper. 16) Issues for Immigrants The France is a country with long history of immigration and there is tradition called 'assimilation

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