Monday, August 19, 2019

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Joshua Coatsworth Dr. Renshaw IL 2928 February 14, 2014 Forest Grove School District vs. T.A. (2009) Background T.A. (protected as a minor) attended Forest Grove School District in Oregon, from kindergarten through his junior year in high school. During his junior year he was removed by his family and was enrolled at Mount Bachelor Academy. The family believed that the majority of his problems involved learning deficits and an inability to focus. They helped him complete the majority of his schoolwork due to difficulty with work and the inability to focus in class. During his public schooling he was only evaluated for a learning disability even though the school suspected that he had ADHD. The district concluded that T.A. was not eligible for services because he did not have a learning disability under IDEA. Although they suspected he had ADHD and may have qualified for services under Section 504, they never pursued it. T.A’s mother contacted school officials many times insisting that her son was having difficulties in school. They said that further testing would be useless as they felt it would not reveal anything that he was not already evaluated for. The district proceeded by offering no additional assistance. He soon fell further behind and experimented with drug use. T.A’s parents hired a private psychologist who later diagnosed T.A. with depression, ADHD, drug abuse, and a learning disability in mathematics. At this point, his parents removed him from Forest Grove School District and enrolled him at Mount Bachelor Academy, which focused on students with disabilities. T.A’s parents obtained legal representation, which under IDEA requested a hearing to demand that, the school district follow-up with an evaluatio... ...e school district. The support for reimbursement was present but differential review barred them from receiving reimbursement. Works Cited "Forest Grove School District vs. TA." The Oyez Project at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. N.p.. Web. 2 Mar 2014. . "Forest Grove School District vs. TA." Cornell University of Law. N.p.. Web. 2 Mar 2014. . Wrights, Peter. "Supreme Court Issues Pro-Child Decision in Forest Grove School District v. T.A. by Peter Wright, Esq. and Pamela Wright, MA, MSW ." Wrightslaw. N.p., 02 06 2011. Web. 2 Mar 2014. . Zirkel, Perry. "Tuition Reimbursement for Special Education Students." Future of Children. N.p.. Web. 2 Mar 2014. .

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