Sunday, August 25, 2019

Organizational Development in HRD Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organizational Development in HRD - Case Study Example he lease by the state of Indiana through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, mainly because of the economic strength of the investors. The Inn is operated as a separate business project, however, it does contribute to the sales of the marina as it is a lucrative business and is booked heavily in the season, which runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Although the complex is operational year round, the sales decrease drastically after the Labor Day weekend. Jack Keltner has just recently replaced Leon McLaughlin as the general manager of the marina. He is also the accounting manager of the Inn. The Marina lacked any formal accounting checks till now, and Keltner has introduced certain changes and features to counter this problem. He has also proposed several improvements in the complex in order to increase the profits of the marina, which had just recently been going into loss. Strengths: The main strengths of the complex are its three docks to the left of the central dock, that is, E, F, and G. They are booked well in advance and there are waiting lists. The Inn is another lucrative business that augments the profits of the marina. It has the only showroom in the state with the biggest boats for sale, and is the largest marina of its kind in the country. Weaknesses: The main weakness is the lack of experience of the staff in the trade of marinas, especially the general managers; the former had experience in ship repair, and the current is an accountant. The three docks to the right, A, B, and C, are not rented to the full capacity. The rental boats are more in number than are required, with the average rental capacity around fifty percent. This means more labor for maintenance. The

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