Friday, August 9, 2019

Emergence of Modern Political Ideologies Research Paper

Emergence of Modern Political Ideologies - Research Paper Example Karl Marx argues for the uprising of a group he calls the proletariat, which is essentially the working class, and which is against the factory owners, a group he calls the bourgeoisie. This group also consists of the industrialists and the landlords who, through regulations of both the prices of commodities and rent, continually oppressed the laborers. According to Marx, this problem was not one that was compatible with capitalism and that the only way it could be solved was through communism (Marx 14). Marx postulates that the bourgeoisie has exploited the proletariats in search of cheap labor that denies the country self-sufficiency. The bourgeoisie will then look for labor from other poorer countries so that they can lower production cost. The increased demand for raw materials in the foreign countries brings about industrialization in that country which in turn nurtures a breed of both the bourgeoisie and proletariat as the rich want to exploit the poor for profits (Marx 13). Li beralization This is a very common ideology that sprouted after the industrial revolution. It was supposedly about the enjoyment of individual freedom of every individual in the society and the fact that the minority were free to air their ideas without being coerced (Mill 6). They would be allowed to speak out of their thoughts, speech, and even take or participate in the action, as long as they brought no harm to other people. After industrialization, people engaged in numerous economic activities.

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