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In what ways did World War II end the problems of World War I Essay

In the days prior to World War Two, the First World War was referred to as â€Å"the War to end all Wars†. (Devine, 14) Despite this name, only twenty-odd years had passed before the nations of the world once again engaged in armed conflict. The treaty of Versailles and the conditions in Europe precipitated a second large-scale conflict in Europe. (Devine, 16) The conclusion of WWII ended the problems that derived from WWI by ending the Fascist dictatorships of Europe, ending European and Asian imperialism, and shifting military power out of Europe. The Treaty of Versailles created tremendous pressure on Germany, Austria-Hungary, and other nations who bore the blame for the conflict. (Morgan, 18) The economic depression in these nations that resulted from their attempts to pay reparations led to a political climate ripe for the rise of Fascism. (Morgan, 27) The people of nations such as Italy, Germany and Spain were willing to embrace this hyper-nationalist form of government, giving up their freedoms in exchange for the promise of better economic conditions and a return of their respective nations to international prominence. Morgan, 30) The rise of hyper-nationalism in Fascist Germany and Italy was one of the precipitating causes of the Second World War in Europe. Hitler’s Germany began to militarize and â€Å"reclaim† areas of Europe that Hitler declared to be part of the rightful German empire. (Morgan, 108) These regions included all of Austria, and part of the nation of Czechoslovakia, referred to by Hitler a s the Sudetenland (southland). When Germany invaded Poland to return the land to Germany, France and Britain declared war. The results of WWII ended the reign of fascism in Europe. ( Morgan, 117) The personalities around whom the fascist governments were built, Hitler in Germany, and Mussolini in Italy, were killed in the war effort, and their philosophies discredited when the atrocities they committed became public knowledge. (Morgan, 197) Of the Fascists of Europe, only Francisco Franco of Spain, which had remained neutral in the war, survived. (Morgan, 201) After WWII, Germany was divided into a Soviet-controlled Eastern half, and a Republican western half. Nationalist efforts were turned to reunification, rather than conquest. (Morgan, 203) The destruction of the German War machine was absolute, eliminating them as a future threat to stability in Europe. (Morgan, 205) Italy and Japan were similarly disarmed at the conclusion of WWII, making future threats to world stability from these powers unlikely in the extreme. (Morgan, 206) The end of WWII also marked the end of the naked Imperialism that characterized all the major European nations since WWI. Betts, 113) Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other nations granted independence, or protectorate status to their imperial holdings, making self-sovereignty the â€Å"new† goal of international foreign policy. (Betts, 127) Japan was forced to give up the Pacific Islands they had occupied, and withdraw their invasion of China. (Betts, 128) Germany similarly ceded their occupied territories and permitted free choice for the subsequent governments. Betts, 133) One of the world powers that emerged from WWII, the United States, embraced self-determination as the ideal for nations of the world, and began to fight against efforts to engage in imperialist activities on the parts of other nations. (Betts, 144) The conclusion of WWII marked a shift in the dynamic of world conflict. (Levering, 18) During WWI and WWII, dominance on the seas determined a large part of military control. After WWII, nations who had access to weapons of mass destruction became the powers of the World. Levering, 22) For the first time in modern history, the central conflict of the world was not between Britain and Germany or France, but between the United States and the Soviet Union. European powers became pawns in a worldwide power struggle between opposing ideologies. (Levering, 27) The United States used war reconstruction money as a lure to the nations of Europe to shun Communism in favor of republican government. (Levering, 34) After WWII, armed conflict was limited to third-party wars w here one side or the other effectively acted as a proxy for one of the Superpowers. Levering, 46) This was managed to avoid direct conflict between the Superpowers, which could have led to destruction of the entire world through nuclear annihilation. (Levering, 55) As a result, dozens of minor conflicts and a handful of major wars were fought after WWII by indigenous people with military and economic support from the USSR and the United States. (Levering, 58) This scenario played out in countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba, Afghanistan, and many others. (Levering, 75) It is clear that the effects of WWII resolved many of the issues that resulted from WWI. WWII ended European Fascism, eliminated European and Asian imperialism, and permanently shifted the balance of World Power away from Europe. The Treaty of Versailles produced conditions in Europe that made Fascism an attractive and popular option, which played a great role in precipitating WWII. As a result of the unresolved issues of WWI, WWII became the latest â€Å"war to end all wars†. It is hoped by the nations of the world that conflict on the scale of WWII never be repeated in the history of mankind.

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The Analysis of the Uk Supermarket and Tesco

The analysis of the UK supermarket and Tesco Introduction: The role of supermarket is becoming far more significantly in daily life. Consumers could see different kind of brands and variable goods. The role of the supermarket is tried to satisfy the consumers’ demands. Since the supermarket came out, the advantages such as low price and cost, much convenience made the supermarket develop quickly. As a consequence of the rapid development, the supermarket plays an important role in the retail industry. It not only saves large amounts of labor capital and operating cost, but improves the shopping environment.In this essay I will make a specific analysis of the UK supermarket system through economic theories. Firstly, I will analyse the situation of the UK supermarket via Five Forces Model (Michael Porter 1979). And then, I will select the largest supermarket in UK, Tesco, to analyse the strategy of this firm by using the value chain (Michael Porter 1985). Tesco is the largest Br itish retailer both by global and domestic market share. And it is the third largest retailer in the world followed the Wal-Mart and Carrefour.Tesco opens around 2,440 stores and employing more than 400,000 people. Tesco has entered into areas such as clothes, electronics, financial services, internet services and gas stations. Currently, the market share of the retailer in UK is more than 30 percent. As of March 2008, Tesco could be found in every postcode of the UK. Five forces analysis The aim of the five forces model illustrated by Michael Porter (1979) is to analyze an industry to determine that which forces can influence the industry strongly so that the firm could make the best position in this industry.And the five forces include: the threat of new entrants; the power of buyers; the power of suppliers; the threat of substitute products and the competitive rivalry among the existing companies. Threat of new entrants Firstly, the threat of new entrants is rather low. It is pre tty difficult for new entrants to enter the UK supermarket because of many barriers such as economies of scale, capital requirements of entry, cost advantages, differentiation, etc. There are many supermarkets in UK and the four largest Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrison account for 75. percent of the UK supermarket in the 12 weeks ending 1 November 2009 (Wikipedia). For new entrants, it is difficult to occupy the market share of the UK supermarket in current structure. The first barrier is that small scale of supermarket could not create high margin. It is necessary for the entrants to consider the capital requirement according to the large scale of the operation. Many supermarket firms like Tesco and Asda have the cost advantages in supplication factor and other economic factors.It makes a large barrier for new firms to enter the market because of the disadvantages in cost requirement. Comparing the existing firms, the new enters need more cost and capital to establish the new brand and the access to marketing channels in order to attract the consumers. The existing supermarkets have built the famous brands, stable consumer groups and distribution channels. The strength of the brand name and channels could be a very powerful mean to build a barrier to entry. In order to keep the market stable, government also has the ability to establish a barrier.For instance, if the government can make a determination that how many supermarkets could be established in one region, as a result, the entrants will not be limited to build new facilities. And the new entrants may require many licenses from the government of other legal branches in order to operate. That is also a type of barrier for entry. The existing companies will make a specific analysis aim at the threat of the new entrants and then publish relevant measures to prevent the entrants to enter the supermarket system. There are so many barriers for new entrants to enter the supermarket system that the threat of them is rather low.Power of the buyer Secondly, the power of the buyer is not strong as well. People need their daily life products, so they must do shopping. For the large supermarkets, there are many factures influence the buyers’ selection such as the comfortable shopping environment, convenient transportation, free parking, etc. However, because of the homogeneity of these factors, what the consumers concern more is the price of the products. Different company makes different price strategy based on the respective position. Clubcard of Tesco is the company’s customer loyalty programme – the way of saying ‘thank you' to consumers.It is pretty popular that the number of active member increased over 15 million from 13 million at the start of 2008/9. Clubcard is a main reason for consumers who prefer the Tesco rather than other competitors. Power of the supplier Thirdly, the power of the supplier is also low. The majority of the products in different s upermarket are homogeneity. Many large firms like Tesco and Asda have the unified operating style and advanced purchase measures. So, there are many suppliers for the supermarkets to choose and purchase products.And because of the small retailers’ purchasing power is much lower than the supermarkets. At last, most of the products will be sent to the large supermarkets. Threat of the substitute Fourthly, the threat of the substitute is not high. As the substitute of the supermarkets, the small single retailers are pretty convenient for consumers. People could buy fresh seafood, vegetable and fruit from the respective markets instead of the supermarkets. And there are many advantages about the retailers, for instance, many small retailers are built near the residential areas, the range of products is pretty full.However, since the operating cost is high, if the retailers want to obtain margin, they have to make the price higher than the supermarket. But as the industry leader, there is no doubt that the Tesco Group would not give up the share of small retailer market. So the Tesco Express and One Stop came out. The Tesco Express stores are neighborhood convenience stores whose average size are about 200  m2, stocking mainly food with an emphasis on higher-margin products and everyday essentials. They are established in busy city centre districts, small shopping precincts in residential areas, small towns and illages. And the size of One Stop is much smaller than the Express. At the end of its 2010-2011 financial years, the number of the Tesco Express and One Stop were 1285 and 599(Wikipedia). Because of the famous brand of the Tesco, most people prefer to buy the daily products in the Express or One Stop. According to Datamonitor (2010), there are 960 Express stores which sell approximately 7,000 products and 170 Metro stores which sell a range of food products in villages and city centres.As a consequence of the brand and more types of products of the supermarket, the threat of the substitute is rather low for the supermarket. Competitive rivalry among the existing firms The last one is the competitive rivalry among the existing firms. And the threat of competitive rivalry is considered very high in the UK supermarket industry. The four largest supermarkets Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Morrisons account for 30. 5%, 16. 9%, 16. 3% and 12. 3% of the UK supermarket in the 12 weeks to 27 December 2009. (Wikipedia) And the market share of ASDA increases from to 16. % during the year 2010/ 09, meanwhile, Sainsbury’s share rises to 16. 3% and Morrison’s reaches 12. 3% from 11. 3%(Euromonitor, 2010). The competition of these firms is pretty strong in this industry in order to win the market share and the competition could make the market develop much faster. It is very significant for these firms to create many innovative measures to obtain more market share. Most products are homogeneity for consumers so that the seller sh ould pay more attention to the piece and quality of the products.Hence, based on the quality guarantee of the goods, firms try to occupy more market through the lower price and better services. By the analysis above, the threat of the competitive rivalry among the different firms is highly strong but other threats are not strong enough. So, the supermarkets in UK should figure out more effective measures to attract consumers in order to occupy the market. Value chain analysis The value chain was developed by Porter (1985) in order to analyze a firm to state the sources of competitive advantage. There are two activities including primary activities and support activities. The primary activities are those that concerned about physically creating the product or service and transferring it to the buyer, together with any necessary after sales service. The support activities are those activities that are necessary to ensure that the primary activities can be completed. The support activi ties can affect any one or more of the primary activities. † The primary includes inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and service and the support activities includes firm infrastructure, human resource management, technology development and procurement.The first primary activity is the inbound logistics. It is considered that the inbound logistics includes receiving goods from suppliers, storing goods, transporting goods and taking goods to the shelves. Tesco uses the leading position as the key power to reduce the costs from the suppliers and keep the stable of consumers’ selection. Meanwhile, it also improves the efficiency and the distribution system. As well, the company provides more effective way to control and reduce the costs of damaged goods. As a result, it could avoid the extra costs be transferred to the consumers.It needs to think about its operation active. The firm could do many operations such as providing products and service and keeping the shelves full as the daily task. In order to gain more competitive advantages, it is necessary for the company to take a consideration about reducing the operating costs. Tesco makes full use of the intelligence technology (IT) system in order to make the company control the operative cost effectively. This firm has spent more than 76 million pounds on narrowing the operation time by the digital program by the 2010. And during the 2009, the profit of the Tesco was reached 550 million pounds.The measure of Tesco provides much convenience for staff to operate the service. Accompanied by the operation, they will have outbound logistics problems. It is concentrating on delivering the goods to the customer. Currently, Tesco adds the home delivery service. However, there are many methods need to be improved such as parking facilities, handcarts, staff and systems to get competitive advantage. If it could be implemented more effectively than other firms, it would mak e their consumers save more time. And the staff could make the facilities available and convenient for consumers to get quickly.Tesco has the leadership and effective outland logistics. The company has invented many measures to satisfy consumers’ demands like the small Express and one-step stores and fast door-to-door delivery service. It is very important to considering the marketing and sales. The next one is the marketing and sales. As the leading company, Tesco has its strategy to attach to consumers. The Tesco Clubcard is invented to attract more people to go shopping to Tesco instead of other competitors. Consumers who keep the cards can get much discounts and integration. Actually, advertisement is necessary as well.Tesco could attract more consumers by the advertisement via the television, radio and local newspaper. And they could get much information about the products and discounts. After selling, service becomes the most significant active. As the principle of fast and easy, when the consumers enter into the supermarket, the warm shopping environment may make them relaxed. Various sectors are responsible for their respective responsibilities; staffs provide the best personal service to consumers so that consumers can go shopping easily and comfortably. All of these reflect the intimate service for consumers. Here are the support activities.The procurement is the procedure of obtaining the various contributions to the primary activities. The key point of the firm infrastructure is planning, finance and controlling the system to improve the firm’s strategic ability. The company should focus on improving the establishment of the infrastructure so that consumers could go shopping more convenient. The human resource management includes recruitment management and staff development. The aim of the Tesco is to add differert types of schemes and develop the recruitment plan, then train more excellent staff to provide the best service for consum ers.The development of technology is a significant competitive advantage for a company. The advanced technological level could add higher brand value. Tesco is the first supermarket that invented the self-checkout in UK. And it provides great convenience to consumers. Conclusion: In this essay, I analyse the UK supermarket industry by using Five Forces (Michael Porter 1979) firstly. Through the analysis, it is clearly that the threat of new entrants, the power of buyers, the power of suppliers, the threat of substitute products are pretty low for UK supermarket industry.The firms in UK do not pay much attention to those threats above. The power of competitive rivalry among the existing companies is very strong. The competition among the existing supermarkets is rather drastic. All companies need to figure out effective strategies in order to prevent their consumers changing their brand selections. And secondly, I analyse the value chain (Michael Porter 1985) of Tesco. As the largest retailer in UK, Tesco has an excellent industrial chain for supply and demand. The primary activities could ensure the firm can gain more margins by perfect supply chain management, operation, sales and service. Read also: Reed Supermarkets: a New Wave of CompetitorsThe support activities like great human resource management, advanced IT system provide support to ensure the primary activities could be operated. With the excellent primary activities and support activities, Tesco obtains more than 30 percent market share in UK. Reference Porter, M E (1980) Competitive Strategy: techniques for analyzing industries and competitors (Free Press) Johnson, G and Scholes, K (2007) Exploring Corporate Strategy (Prentice Hall) Besanko, D Dranove, D Shanley, M and Scharfer, S (2007), Eonomics of Strategy (Wiley) Porter M E (1985) Competitive Advantage (Free Press) Tesco available at ttp://www. slideshare. net/j4g2r/tesco-presentation Growing the UK core available at http://ar2011. tescoplc. com/business-review/growing-the-uk-core. html â€Å"Tesco share turnaround (plus an update on grocery price inflation† available at TNS Global http://www. tnsglobal. com/news/news56F59E8A99C8428989E9BE66187D57 92. aspx Euromonitor (2010), ‘Industry Profile – Food retailing’, Euromonitor International, 2010 Tesco available at http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Tesco Tesco (2010), ‘Annual Report and Review 2010’, Tesco. Available at http://ar2010. tescoplc. com/en/downloads. aspx

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Gender and crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gender and crime - Essay Example was â€Å"strongly related to rising unemployment and an increasing sense of despair among the groups, which finds expression or outlet through aggression and violence† and these crimes were dominant â€Å"in depressed and impoverished areas, such as council estates in the U.K since the late 1980s, often accompanied by new forms of crime such as ram-raiding, joy-riding and the rise of alcohol-induced brawling in towns and cities†( Edwards, 2006, p. 11). Thus, one can obviously come to the conclusion that crimes in U.K had been associated with masculinity as majority of the crimes in U.K was committed by males and the women were thought to be incapable of subjecting themselves to any violent crimes. However, one can notice that factors such as the emergence of new women liberation movements, growth in feminism and women empowerment have been instrumental in increasing criminal offences by women at an apparently a faster rate than offending by men since the 1960s. While criminology in U.K were always focussed on males crimes and offending towards the last two decades of the 20th century â€Å"female incarceration rates were sky-rocketing, leading to a surge in research on girls, women, crime, and the criminal justice system† and as the researchers have very well put it the war on drugs and the federal sentencing reform were the two factors that resulted in the incarceration of women (Miller, 2009, p. 246). Similarly, one can also notice that female Prisoner Population in England and Wales rose considerably in the 1970s to the 1970s. It is, therefore, imperative that there are more of extensive researches and studies on female offending in the U.K. It was Freda Adler who f irst argued that females crime rates have been on the rise in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. The researcher concluded that â€Å"women offenders were changing their patterns of offending to more ‘masculine’ styles, becoming more aggressive and violent; and that this was due to the growth of the

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Current health issues in relation to the Australian Health Care System Essay

Current health issues in relation to the Australian Health Care System - Essay Example Health Issue Statistics e.g. Incidence According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 6% of Australian adults experience depression on a regular basis. Among employed Australians, 3.6% Australians experience depression on a regular basis. The financial cost of depression, which is estimated to be more than 50 billion dollars annually in Australia, includes the direct treatment costs as well as indirect costs such as lost productivity. Depression also exacts financial as well as emotional costs within the family of the affected individuals. While Australian adults of different age groups have reported suffering from depression at one time or another, it would appear to be most prevalent among women in their 20s, men in their late 30s, and in elderly Australians of both genders (Haywood, Garrat, and Fitzpatrick, 2005). Many Australians do not feel that their negative feelings may actually be characteristic of depression. This makes them quite reluctant to seek for medical trea tment until they are almost driven to attempt suicide by the negative feelings. Population type affected e.g. gender, age, group etc According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2009), one in six Australian adults will experience serious depression on an annual basis. The high risk groups include teenagers, young adults, and the elderly people. While women are more likely to report feeling depressed and seek a relief for the negative feelings, Australian men are more likely to seek for more permanent ways, such as suicide, of dealing with depressing feelings. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2009), depression among Australian men is linked to other illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Australian men are more likely to leave episodes of depression unreported than Australian women. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2009), Australian men who are 65 years of age and above have the highest suicide rate in the nation, accounting for 29 suicides per 100,000 cases. A new Women's Health Australia research study has also provided evidence that Australian women between the ages of 28 and 33 tend to experience depression even more than their mothers, or even grandmothers, did. According to this study, one in five of these women goes regularly to doctors so as to get prescriptions for anti-depressants (Haywood, Garrat, and Fitzpatrick, 2005). Identify a range of factors which may affect the health of this client group including risk factors. Give consideration to any specific health and social circumstances of this client group. It is difficult to determine the exact factors that cause people to be depressed because there are so many factors that can trigger an episode of depression. In an Australian society, there are multiple factors that affect indigenous groups such as the Aboriginal community and result in an almost community-wide state of depression which afflicts the young as well as the old (Hunter, 2007). The Aborigines have to deal with racism, poverty, and feelings of detachment that are caused by the fact that their traditional values are for the most part irrelevant in the modern world (Hunter, 2007). This has spurred generational drug and alcohol abuse among the Aborigines which further exacerbates the incidence of depression among the community’s citizens. Among other Australians, there are factors such life traumas

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Trends in obesity over the last 20 years and implications for the Coursework

Trends in obesity over the last 20 years and implications for the future - Coursework Example This essay "Trends in obesity over the last 20 years and implications for the future" outlines an increasing trend in the obesity of the USA in the last twenty years and if the effects of the policy implemented are ineffective in the USA. The body mass index (BMI) includes a significant importance. It is a measurement of the weight defined as kg per square meter. In a conventional manner when the range of BMI is between 25 and 30, then the person is said to be overweight and the person is said to be obese when the value is greater than 30 (Akil & Ahmad, 2011, p. 58). This obesity problem is a common trouble in almost every country in the world especially in the Western countries. Statistical analyses is an important tool which will be directed towards analyzing the trends of obesity in different countries and can give us a clear idea about the historical pattern and suggest important policies for the future. Obesity is very crucial problem in every society and it is indeed an importa nt problem in the developed nation like United States of America (USA). There has been a growing awareness of the health problems attached with weight as well as availability of light or no fat foods. But despite that there had been a significant incidence of obesity problem in the United States of America. There has been documentation initiating from period as early as 1960s and there has been a consistent year to year rise in the percentage of adults who are suffering from overweight. This trend increases seem to have accelerated. Data collected from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) indicates that within a period of 1985-1995 there has been an increase in the BMI from a level of 29.2 to 34.4 and there has been an increase in the percentage from a magnitude of 8.6 to 15.2. The correlation between overweight and many of the chronic diseases as well as various obnoxious health outcomes has made this a serious health concern. Obesity as a factor also gets associa ted with nation’s burgeoning health care bill. It is estimated that for the year 1990, the costs including direct and indirect costs of the excess weight in the USA were figured at the amount of $46 billion and $ 23 billion respectively (Binkley, Eales & Jekanowski, 2000). The propositions which will be examined in the paper are: 1. There has been an increasing trend in the obesity of USA in the last twenty years 2. Obesity is the highest for USA as compared to other countries 3. Race also plays an important part in USA with respect to obesity 4. The standard deviation of obesity of the data of USA is highly scattered 5. The effects of the policy implemented are ineffective in USA. 4. Analysis Before moving into analysis, the method of data collection is to be mentioned. For the purpose of data collection, we have relied on the government site of USA .The database for data collection which is used is the center for disease control and prevention (CDC) in USA. CDC helps in the creation of expertise, information as well as tools which the people as well as the communities requires for the purpose of protecting their health with the help of promotion, disease prevention, injury and disability as well as preparedness for the threats of new health problems. CDC directs towards accomplishing its mission through working with the partners all over the nation as well as in a global basis for the purpose of detecting as well as investigating the health problems, conducting research as

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International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 5

International Business - Essay Example International business, provided with its nature is a principal determinant of international trade. One of the consequences on the growing achievement of international business ventures could be attributed to globalization. Trade assists in the prevention of conflict. International business fundamentally is concerned with trade, and provided that people trade, they essentially are in contact with each another. As an outcome, there is less separation that the countries are able to do. Provided that countries start to interact by means of trade, they are less expected to clash. This is also connected to the theory that democratic states are less probable to result to war with one another since they are interrelated and reliant on each others victory. There are several factors which affect the nature of international business and the companies that are involved in it. Firstly, there are challenges to the manner in which people belonging to these organizations balance their work and their personal life. Essentially, organizations should be able to work out resolutions to help boost their companies and to address this continuing challenges. However it would do well to discuss certain influences that present these challenges to international business. There are several factors which affect the nature of the organizations involved in International Business. Some of these are culture and tradition, the role played by key stakeholders, available resources in the community, public policies, as well as the demographics. Culture together with tradition affects the manner in which organizations as well as its personnel interact with each other. Culture and tradition have a tendency to affect the goal setting activity, work activity as well as feedback gathering and receiving of the organization. These two factors also have a propensity to affect the kind of allowances and rewards given, work-life interface and even

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THE LUXURY FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

THE LUXURY FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY - Essay Example The world is also experiencing increasing urbanization as several people shift from rural places to urban centers. As people move from rural areas to urban centers, they tend to change their lifestyle trend especially their eating habits (Pride and Ferrell 26). As the number of people working in office increases, people tend to get less time to prepare foods at their homes. Such consumers under constraint of time usually opt to each outside in restaurants and cafes’. Other factors seen to have led to the high growth in food service industry include tourism. Some investors opt to put up luxurious food service industry for purposes of hosting tourists that visit the country (Great and Gavin 6). Britain is one such country that has witnessed an increase in growth of food service industry over the last decades. The high growth rate has mainly been seen in London the capital city. Among the restaurants based in London include Hakasan, Nobu and Zuma. His are food joints that have been able to build luxury element within the service industry. The question that may be asked is, ‘How have these restaurants been able to build such luxury, and what tools have the restaurants used to build the luxury element? The purpose of this paper is to examine the marketing tools that have been used by Hakasan, Nobu and Zuma to build the luxury element within the foodservice industry. This will also involve analysis of the 7Ps employed by the three restaurants. The paper will conclude by the most important elements derived from the study of luxury service industry in general particularly the food service industry. Finally, the paper will provide a recommendation regarding what has been learnt from the study. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (2) defines marketing as the management process which entails identification, anticipation and satisfaction of the

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Against Gays Serving Openly in the Military Essay

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Against Gays Serving Openly in the Military - Essay Example I think that gays should be allowed in military on the basis of certain reasons which are threat of spreading immorality, it’s being considered as an illness and violation of rule, â€Å"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell†. Homosexuality is considered immoral due to which, gays should not be allowed to join military. According to General Peter Pace, homosexuality is an immoral act and the people who are homosexual should not be allowed to serve the military of the country, as they will spread immorality ( 2007). The military regards homosexuals as demoralizing agents that can have a negative impact on other military men that are heterosexual. Due to the demoralizing of the armed troops, the troops will be affected negatively due to which, their performance in wars will be influenced to a great extent and this influence will be disadvantageous for the country (Shawver, 1994). Biblically, homosexuality is considered immoral and a sign of corruption due to which, homosexuals should not be allowed in the military. The military life is hard and people have to keep themselves in order and disciplined. The military people are prepared to fight for the country and they should not have any immoral atti tude towards life. Homosexuality is considered an illness due to which, gays should be restricted to join army. US Department of Defense categorizes homosexuality as a â€Å"mental disorder† (Bernard, 2006). Homosexuality was previously considered a mental illness as it was enlisted in the mental illnesses list. Afterwards, it was removed from the list but then, the homosexuals were asked to do not expose themselves publically or they would be expelled from their jobs (Shawver, 1994). When a check is made on the exposition of homosexual orientation in terms of joining army, then it is quite clear that still, homosexuality is regarded as an

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Gospel Essentials Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Gospel Essentials - Essay Example In the previous epochs He was thought to be the center of the Universe and literally everything was revolving around Him. With this regard one should also dwell on some characteristics that are attributed to God Who is perceived as â€Å"a being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions† (God, 2011). Indeed, one of the major aspects that should be mentioned in particular is His perfection: no other being in the Universe can be as perfect. God is also regarded as the Creator of everything (DiVincenzo, 2012). It is quite obvious that everything that exists in the world was created by Him. Prior to the beginning of all things, nothing existed but God. The process of creation is explained in detailed in the book of Genesis. Keeping this in mind, one might ask a legitimate question: if everything was created by God, is evil, death, suffering and other negative aspects of life created by Him as well? According to free will theodicy, it was, but for the purpose of greater good. Speaking of human nature, one should note two important aspects. On the one hand, it must be said that just like all other beings, humans were created; however, â€Å"God created mankind in His own image† (Genesis 1:27). On the other hand, due because Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin, they could no longer live in Eden. There are many opinions about purpose of human life. While some people suggest that there is not distinct purpose since life should be perceived as the greatest gift that a person can receive, others point out that humans were created to praise the Lord. That is why the purpose of the human life is to love the Creator and follow the guidelines that were designed by Him. If people chose not to do so, this causes a considerable number of problems in their lives. Indeed, when humans forget about God and focus on the visible world, with all its

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College Alcohol Use Essay Example for Free

College Alcohol Use Essay Summary: Argumentative essay on the topic of drinking on campus. Compares the consequences versus the benefits of alcohol consumption by college students. Drinking on campus is a problem that affects most college students, either directly or indirectly. I, for one, am against drinking on campus. As a student of Stevens Institute of Technology, I can say that drinking on campus is as rampant as a fire in a toothpick factory. Several friends of mine at colleges around the country tell me that their schools face the same problems. Here, at Stevens, much to the college communitys surprise, we had a snow day in February. The night before our well-deserved day off, a Tuesday, most of the general Stevens populous got drunk. That wouldnt have been so bad if everyone locked themselves in their rooms and drank to their livers content, but it was not so. In addition to getting wasted, everyone partied all night, with music blasting and partiers yelling. Needless to say, it wasnt a good night for anyone trying to get some sleep. The whole night wasnt wasted though; it was fun watching inhibition-less people wander around. On a trip to the bathroom, I saw one guy making a fool of himself trying to get together with this girl. Ten minutes later, that same person walked into my room and sat down on my chair. He then told me to get out of his room. A friend of mine had a similar experience. A drunken resident stumbled into his room and fell down on his bed, saying, I think Ill crash here tonight. Luckily, he got up and decided to leave before my friend beat the alcohol out of him. Upon reaching the door, it took him a good 10 seconds before he realized that the knob was on the other side. While I realize that college students generally dont have it easy and they need to unwind every now and then, large consumption of alcohol simply isnt the answer. I suppose its OK to go out and have a drink every now and then, but many people take that to an extreme. Plain and simple, the statistics disfavor drinking on campus. Perhaps the most stunning statistic is the fact that fourteen-hundred college students between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four die each year from unintentional, alcohol-related injuries, the majority of which includes car crashes. Thats not surprising when coupled with the fact that 2. 1 million students drove under the influence last year. Five hundred thousand more are inadvertently injured under the influence of alcohol and six hundred thousand students are assaulted by another student who has been drinking. Approximately twenty-five percent of college students accredit low academic performance to alcohol and thirty-one percent of students met criteria for a diagnosis of alcohol abuse. Another huge impact of alcohol is sexual abuse. In excess of seventy-thousand students fell victim to alcohol-related rape and sexual assault. Four hundred thousand students had unprotected sex and twenty five percent of them say they were too drunk to even remember if they consented to it. Property damage is another plague brought unto colleges by alcohol abuse, especially here at Stevens, where several card-readers that allow access to residence halls were destroyed on several occasions. Around eleven percent of student drinkers say they have committed vandalism of property while drunk. Many administrators also report that their campuses have an increasing problem with alcohol-related property damage. Alcohol inevitably leads to health problems. More than one hundred and fifty thousand students develop alcohol-related health problems and almost 1. 5% of these students have attempted suicide. Five percent of college students are involved with the police for alcohol-related issues and an estimated one hundred and ten thousand students have been arrested as a result of their drinking. In conclusion, although I recognize the pro- side to this debatable issue, I think that the consequences of drinking far outweigh the pleasures. Drinking should not be allowed on college campuses.

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Assessing Selective Human Genetic Engineering

Assessing Selective Human Genetic Engineering Nora Sheskey Selective Genetic Engineering For millions of years, genetic selection has been the result of natural selection. Who someone is, natural abilities, physical characteristics, and a wide range of other personal attributes were the result of genetic recombination and accidental mutation. Furthermore, children are often born with hereditary conditions which are set by factors we have no control over. However, the advent of modern medicine has brought us to the brink of a time when we can choose to redirect nature and repair maladies in children, where we can artificially modify the very codes which guide their looks, which diseases they are resistant to, and even their personalities. Considering the facts concerning genetic engineering, the benefits which can be achieved far outweigh the potential risks with regard to both the reduction in human suffering and the likely increase in lifespan. The opponents of human genetic engineering often refer to a number of dangers involved in artificially manipulating genetic codes which result in such medical issues as Down’s syndrome, Hemophilia, and even anxiety and stress. With the completion of the Genome project, we can now more accurately map the human DNA than ever before, identifying the locations of defects that cause many of the maladies that have plagued mankind for millennia. Opponents of genetic manipulation are quick to point out that a slight error in the manipulation process can result in changing other sequences that could result in unforeseen and undesired effects. For instance, researcher Russell Powell has speculated that human genetic engineering might result in a lower genetic diversity which could lead to future generations that are more prone to having some types of diseases and which could, potentially, lead to the human race becoming extinct. Part of his research showed how genetic manipulation of cr ops in order to increase the availability of desirable crops increased the likelihood of catastrophic crop failure due to those crops becoming less genetically diverse over time and having reduced resistance to environmental factors which a wider genetic base would have prevented. He studied how such factors led to the nineteenth century Irish Potato Famine and how the organism Phytophthora was able to decimate much of the potato crop in Ireland due to this reduction in genetic diversity because of the farming methods in use in that region during that period of history. His research demonstrates that by reducing human genetic diversity through such techniques as genetic manipulation those human beings could set themselves up for a similar fate (Powell, R. 2012, pp. 204-5). Also, the work of Charles Gillespie, et. al., into how genetics affect the human stress response found that stress related genetic mutations in developing human fetuses increased the individual’s susceptibi lity to disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder later in life. They found that natural genetic manipulation due to a change in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal balance lead to an increase in susceptibility to stress related disorders in the associated human beings (Gillespie, C. F., 2009, p. 990). Opponents of genetic manipulation point out that accidentally manipulating the incorrect gene sequences could result in the same type of condition. Opponents use facts such as these in their outspoken aversion to the practice. Proponents of genetic engineering rebut the opponents by pointing out that the benefits of curing medical issues like Down’s syndrome and Hemophilia far outweigh the possible risks. They counter the opposition with a number of research studies. As part of his research, Powell determined that human genetic diversity is due to a combination of both mutation and recombination (Powell, R. 2012, pp. 215). He found that a number of different phenotypes can result from a single genotype which led him to conclude that accidental activation of inactive or incorrect sequences is unlikely to produce feared dramatic issues often spoken of by human genetic manipulation opponents. Additionally, he found that focusing on only DNA adaptive variation involved in human genetic manipulation would not result in an extensive homogenization of the human DNA feared by opponents and that other environmental factors play a significant part in human genetic diversity (Powell, R. 2012, pp. 207-8). In ad dition, Gordon and Hen found that properly utilized genetic manipulation can provide many useful results with an acceptable margin of safety. They studied twins to determine how anxiety response is genetically associated and how DNA sequencing and correction could help to treat the condition. They document that comparisons of fraternal and identical twins showed that 30% to 50% of risk of developing anxiety disorders comes from genetic factors with the remainder being attributed to environmental causes. They also used studies of rats and mice to show that anxiety is a genetic condition and could be treatable using genetic manipulation techniques (Gordon, J. A., Hen, R., 2004, pp. 195-6) Opponents of human genetic engineering further turn to natural selection in their opposition to the practice. They point out that altering how nature and evolution have brought things about can have unintended consequences. As evidence of this, they look at the research of Richard A. Miller. Miller found that manipulating certain genes associated with aging in what he refers to as UM-HET3 mice, a group of 1800 specimens, sometimes actually shortened rather than lengthened the average lifespan as well as hastened the onset of reduced cognitive abilities in the mice which received such treatments. He additionally found that when other specific genetic sequences were modified, the result was an increase in the occurrence of and age at which cancer occurred in some cases. His research also showed that not only could the aging process be sped up due to genetic manipulation but could also increase the severity of old age issues. Additionally, some of the traits which occurred later in life could not be detected in the early stages of life. Miller found that these traits affected a number of aspects such as bones, eyes, hormones, weight, and what kills the individual. Miller eventually admits that there are things which nature has brought about which we cannot yet reproduce in the laboratory and opponents of genetic manipulation question if such research is worth the risks (Miller, R.A., 2005, pp.S284-5) Opponents of genetic engineering also refer to the work of Brown who examined that practice from a viewpoint of Rawlsian Justice. He points out that such a practice still needs to be considered from both a moral and a legal framework. He states that â€Å"The important point is that until now, theories of justice have regarded one’s genetic endowment as a fixed fact of nature rather than as a matter of justice.† He indicates that manipulating individuals alters their right to have an equal claim to the same equalities and fair equalities as others. The o pponents of genetic manipulation take the viewpoint that altering who has what rights is inherently wrong and does not actually improve the overall human condition (Brown, 2007, pp. 83-84) Proponents of human genetic engineering, on the other hand, believe that we, as human beings, are finally able to improve on that which nature has brought about after millions of years of evolution. They point out that nature has evolved such things as cancer and shortened lifespans in their support for genetic manipulation. They also look to the work of Miller and say that in spite of some cases where the lifespan was indeed shortened that in many other cases the lifespan is nonetheless longer. Their viewpoint is that by performing an analysis of the differences between DNA of the long and short lived mice that researchers will be able to eventually track down which genes do lead to longer lives. Miller himself states that there are genes which influence the age at which the various mice die, such as a pair of genes on chromosomes 2 and 16, which lead to mice living up to 173 days longer than mice that do not have this particular DNA sequence. Likewise, Miller states that there are also DNA sequences which also affect the age at which certain cancers occur in some of the mice in his study. He goes on to say that his research indicates that there may be â€Å"a specific aging process that we can learn enough about to modify or prevent.† Miller ends his paper by stating â€Å"Will genetic manipulation or pharmacologic agents suggested by genetic research offer a realistic possibility of life expectancy at birth of 110 or 120 or more years? Twenty years ago, this was a science fiction question, but no more, and it is interesting to speculate based on current evidence. I believe the answer is yes.† (Miller, R.A., 2005, pp. S284-5) After having examined information from both those opposed to and those in favor of human genetic manipulation, we can most certainly say that both sides have some strong arguments in favor of their viewpoints. Those opposed to the practice would appear to come from a traditional perspective, fearing the changes necessary in order to make the necessary strides that will be required in order to bring about substantial gains to be realized from genetic engineering. Taking history as a guiding principle, they see how the best intentions often result in severe negative results before gains can be realized. They see in the work of researchers like Gordon and Hen, Miller, Powell, and Gillespie the backing to state that the possible gains are either not possible or are not warranted by the necessary costs that will be imposed. The proponents of the practice of human genetic engineering believe that any time we can relieve human suffering and eradicate disease that the benefits outweigh the c osts. They are motivated by the belief that any change which improves the human condition is worth the risks and that any time we can repair genetic defects that we are doing humanity a much needed service, even when that service means that we alter the very codes which determine who a person is. They acknowledge the risks posed but believe that a future without birth defects, without Down’s syndrome, and without other such genetically linked issues is worth risking for. They find in the works of Miller, Powell, Gillespie, and Gordon and Hen an exciting roadmap to a world where human suffering based on the genetic structure has been eliminated. Personally, I am inclined to agree with those who say that we must go boldly forward and take the necessary risks in order to improve the human condition in every way possible. History has shown us that such journeys are not without risk but almost always inevitably prove beneficial to future generations. If we are to let fear guide us, we would have never developed such medical miracles as penicillin, the polio vaccine, or the heart transplant. No valiant effort in human history has ever come without costs and moving forward with research in genetic manipulation is sure to impose upon mankind the same kinds of costs imposed by the research of Pasteur, Salk, and Fleming. Mankind has never been the type to simply not advance and the next frontier would appear to be human genetic engineering. In conclusion, we have finally come to an age in human history where we can choose to modify the very codes that define who we are and how we develop. We can decide whether to allow such disorders as Down’s syndrome, Hemophilia, and severe anxiety to continue to plague the human race. The advent of modern medicine has brought us to the brink of a time when we can choose to redirect nature and repair maladies in children, modifying the very codes which guide their looks, which diseases they are resistant to, and even their personalities. The opponents of genetic manipulation believe that the risks involved far outweigh the potential gains. The proponents believe that we cannot let fear hold us back from improving the human condition in any way we can. So, considering the facts concerning genetic engineering, we can at this point say that based on the research and evidence at hand, the benefits which can be achieved far outweigh the potential risks with regard to both the reduct ion in human suffering and the likely increase in lifespan. Works Cited Brown, J. S. (2001). Genetic Manipulation in Humans as a Matter of Rawlsian Justice. Social Theory and Practice, 27(1), 83-110. Gillespie, C. F, Gillespie, J, Phifer, B, et al. (2009). Risk and resilience: Genetic and environmental influences on development of the stress response. Depression and anxiety (1091-4239), 26(11), 984-992. Gordon, J. A., Hen, R. (2004). Genetic Approaches to the Study of Anxiety. Annual Review of Neuroscience, 27(1), 193-222. Miller, R A. (2005). Genetic Approaches to the Study of Aging. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 53S284-S286. Powell, R. (2012). The Evolutionary Biological Implications of Human Genetic Engineering. Journal of Medicine Philosophy, 37(3), 204-225.   

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Living Together Before Marriage Essay -- essays research papers

Living Together Before Marriage As the rate of divorce soars and as increasing numbers of marriages disintegrate, living together has become the popular alternative to many people in north America. Expersts estimate that "roughly 2.2 million people are currently sharing bed and board in a live-in arrangement, this is approximately 1% of the total population."("Family." Comptoms Encyclopedia. 1992 ed.) Living together, more formally known as non marital cohabitation, is an emerging lifestyle. In fact, "More than one fourth of all unmarried couples living together in the early 1980's were between 25 and 34 years old, and an additional 19 percent were 45 and over."("Today's Families."Detroit Free Press 18 October 1995: B17.) Although living together is not a recent invention, the relationship has yet to be legitimized with a respectable name. Existing terms such as "shacking up" or "living in sin" are just some of the crude names being tagged to people living together. Living together can be valuable a substitute for marriage, a cur e-all for marital problems, and a solution to the problem of frequent divorce.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A popular rationale for living together is that it is an ideal way to have a "try out." This trial marriage is a result of the ever increasing divorce rate. Many couples are afraid of marriage and decide to live together with the intention to persue marriage if the temporary arrangement is successful. The couples hope to "minimize their chances of a potential disastrous marriage; any conflicting attitudes toward social activities, economic arrangements, or domestic chores will be discovered and hopefully resolved while the couple live together." (Carter, Sharon. "Trial Marriage". Ladies' Home Journal 14 (May 1993): 12-13.) If an unsolveable conflict arises, the couple can cancel their wedding plans and escape the painful exercise of divorce. Living together ultimately can test the couple's compatibility and have them really get to know each other. Although evidence suggests that "couples who live together do not necessarily have more or less successful marriages than couples who don't live together before the wedding, studies show that non-marital cohabitors are more realistic about their demands and expectations of marriage.("Ross, Eshleman J. The Family: An Introduction. 5th ed. Detroit: Allyn,1988) Living toge... ...of divided energies among dating, career development, and economical survival. The burden of living can bee shared as the couple persue personal goal and ambitions. Living together, for example, can provide a harried student with emotional, physical, and sometimes economic support from a sympathetic partner. (Pearce, Jack M. Modern Day Marriages. New York: Abel- Hils,1990.)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Finally, more and more are turning to the idea of living together as the emotional, physical, social, economic, and legal benefits are much better alternative than the consequences that can arise from a failed marriage. Certainly, "not all couples choose to include living together as a temporary stage in their courtship, yet the option to cohabit is becoming increasingly popular."(Groode, Williams J. "Marriage" Comptoms Interactive Encyclopedia. (1996 ed.) The freedom associated with living together is an important aspect, because after a period of time the couple may decide to marry, to end the relationship, or simple continue living together. As future trends continue, and more marriages fail, the number of couples who live together are going to increase due to the valuable benefits.

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The FLSA: Exempt Vs. Non-exempt Employees Essay -- Labor Compare Contr

The FLSA: Exempt Vs. Non-exempt Employees President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted the FLSA on June 25, 1938. It was signed in as a federal labor law to provide criteria for governing general labor practices such as overtime, minimum wages, child labor protections and equal pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act is a long and extensive document in and of itself. It defines many exceptions and exemptions. For purposes of this paper the portion of the FLSA that will be concentrated on is the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Let’s begin by defining exempt and non-exempt. Non-exempt employees are those that are paid on an hourly basis and receive overtime compensation at one and one-half times their base pay for all hours worked in excess of some standard threshold. In most cases this â€Å"threshold† is 40 hours, but that is not always the case. Dividing the annual salary by 2080 to give a base hourly amount can derive the base pay for most, not all but most, employees. Exempt employees are those that do not receive compensation of any kind for hours worked in excess of whatever the threshold maybe. By definition of law exempt employees must be paid on a salary basis and job duties performed by said employee must be high-level such as executive, administrative or professional. To decide whether an employee meets the criteria for being exempt, there are two tests – the duties test and the salary basis test.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For the salary basis test, employees ...

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Afternoons by Philip Larkin Essay -- English Literature

Afternoons by Philip Larkin. A poem which reflects on the subject of marriage is 'Afternoons' by Philip Larkin. The poem deals with Larkin's view on young mothers watching their kids playing in a playground and on this he concludes that marrying young and having children young, lead to the mothers losing their identity and destiny. The techniques used by the poet such as theme, imagery and tone deepened my understanding of the issue. The structure of the poem is simple; there are three stanzas with eight lines in each. However, unlike every other poem by Larkin this layout has no direct meaning. The lines are unrhymed. The first stanza deals with Larkin's rather cynical view of marriage and deals with the idea that the young mothers are isolated. Larkin's brilliant use of language emphasis the recurring theme of emptiness within the young mothers and how regimented their lives have become; 'In the hollows of afternoons' and 'young mothers assemble'. In the second stanza Larkin moves from the general view into the individual and describes the mother as belonging to a middle class background. Their husbands are described as working in 'skilled trades' and being 'behind them'. The husbands are not literally standing behind the women but are metaphorically. They provide support financially, emotionally and phycologically. On a closer inspection of the poem we realise Larkin has taken an everyday situation and made a universal message out of it. The image of the mothers life being dull is further emphasised when Larkin describes the 'Wedding Album' being near the television. This image suggests that the televsion is more of a central concern in the couples lives rather than their marriage vows etc. ... ...heir identity and are dominated by responsibility, they have lost control of what is truly their own. 'something is pushing them to the side of their lives'. The poem 'Afternoons' by Philip Larkin made me think considerably about having children young especially at my age, 17. The idea that Larkin portrays, that young parents, in particular young mothers lose control of their lives as soon as they have a child. Personally I believe that Larkin's message is made more effective and memorable because he tells it in a very simplistic manner in which the reader can clearly understand. However, Larkin likes the reader to be challenged and tells his ideas via a very implicit manner. His use of theme, imagery and tone deepened my understanding of the issue and I believe the poem provides a great thinking point to any young teenagers considering having children.

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Nutrition and Fit Essay

In my composition, I am going to describe some advantages why, we should keep fit. In my opinion is that be fit has not got disadvantages. I am also going to describe what we should do when we want to keep fit and also what we should not do when we want to keep fit. To be fit has a many advantages. When you are fit you have better mood and we do not feel sleepily on the contrary we feel full of energy. You have not got many health problems like arteriosclerosis, heart attack, obesity, anemia etc. When we want to keep fit, like first we should change our eating habits. We should not eat many junk food, candy, sweetened beverages for example Sprite, Coca-Cola, Fanta etc. We have to try to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and a lot of healthy food because this food comprises from lots of antioxidants, protein and vitamins. We also should try to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also for snack and afternoon snack. When somebody wants to keep fit he/she should aim do a lot of exercises. I think we should try to run every morning and evening. Sometimes we should visit some gym and swimming pool. When we want to keep fit we should not smoke and drink a lot of alcohol. We should not eat a lot. We also must not laze. In my opinion is that be fit is better than be lazy person. I hope that my composition will can help someone to keep fit.

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‘One Flesh’ by Elizabeth Jennings and ‘I wanna be yours’ by John Cooper Clarke Essay

‘One flesh’ by Elizabeth Jennings has the overall impression after reading the poem that it is about 2 old people who have grown apart from being with each other for so long. It is written in 1st person, by one of their children, who is observing them ‘lying apart’ It is visible that one of the descendants is telling the poem from lines such as ‘whose fire from which I came’ and ‘these two who are my father and mother’. Their child will now be an adult as references that refer to the couple as being ‘old’ suggest this. ‘Do they know they’re old’. This person is telling the poem in 1st person and is visible from words such as ‘my’ and ‘I’. But however in ‘One Flesh’ the emotions of the child are not about them, it is about a 3rd person, but still it is written in 1st person. ‘I wanna be yours’ by John Cooper Clarke is a poem regarding a person expressing their love for someone. The poem consists of a great number of metaphors and similars to express the way he feels. He uses these literary devices to show that he ‘wanna be yours’ even if he is just an everyday item such as a ‘ford cortina’ or a simple ‘raincoat’. From words such as ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’ it is apparent that the poem ‘I wanna be yours’ is written in 1st person. This allows the author to express his thoughts and emotions directly from him and not through another person e.g. 3rd person. Individually both poems are about expressing an opinion about relationships. The relationship in ‘One Flesh’ may be coming to an end, but the relationship in ‘I wanna be yours’ is coming together. As both poems regard relationship, it is obvious that love associates with them. Both the poems refer to love, passion and emotion indirectly. ‘One flesh’ uses the comparison of fire to love in the line ‘whose fire from which I came’. This line also explains that the person revealing the situation within the poem, is a child of the two lovers. Within ‘I wanna be yours’ a line such as ‘that’s how deep is my emotion’ reveals how much the author cares for the person the poem is directed towards. The attitudes of the writers are hugely different. As the writer of ‘I wanna be yours; wants someone for their self, the writer of ‘one flesh’ is concerned about the relationship and well being of their parents. The attitude, which expresses itself in the title ‘I wanna be yours’, is a selfish attitude, as the author wants that person whatever the consequences. This is visible in ‘take me with you anywhere’. However, at the same time, a loving and thoughtful attitude is presence from lines such as ‘you get cold without’ and ‘with deep devotion’. The poem ‘I wanna be yours’ utilises many metaphors and similars in the poem to signify that he wants to be hers even if he is just an ‘electric heater’. ‘One flesh’ includes half rhyme, which is inconsistent. This inconsistency deliberately relates to the inconsistency in the sex within their relationship. ‘Strangely apart, yet strangely close together’ is a metaphors in ‘One Flesh’ which shows how they are emotionally apart, but they are physically close together within the house. ‘Whose fire from which I came, has now grown cold’. The fire expresses that once they were passionate lovers and produced a child, but ‘grown cold’ expresses that they are no longer passionate. The author uses metaphors in ‘I wanna be yours’ to express his feelings such as ‘deep as the deep atlantic ocean that’s how deep is my emotion’ By using the depth of the atlantic ocean to compare to his devotion, he express love. Repetition is used to create a beat to the poem ‘deep deep deep deep de deep deep’. It is also re informing how deep his devotion is. Overall ‘One flesh’ is about a relationship that has already occurred, and ‘I wanna be yours’ is about a relationship that is at the beginning where there is a lot of passion.

Alexander II and Reform

Alexander II was known as a reforming czar. Was he primarily a reformer? Alexander II executed many reforms during his time in power but did he reform for the sake of reforming? In the essay I will conclude whether or not Alexander had objectives in which reforming only partook as a secondary effect, and if so, what â€Å"was† he primarily? From a political point of view the landlords most likely opposed the peasant liberation reform in 1861 (Berghorn, 2009) which affected the Russian countryside. The landlords felt that they were being robbed of their property, the serfs. These were awarded full citizenship. (Lovett, 2003) This might have made Alexander II less willing to reform. However many of the serfs couldn’t leave the land they previously were bound to and so their freedom only existed legally as many remained, bound, to their landlords. (Lovett, 2003) This was as such a good solution to Alexander II as it inspired faith in some peasants that reforms were coming whilst sending a message to the landlords that their authority wasn’t threatened. From a military point of view Alexander had seen Russia take heavy casualties in the Crimean war and as he feared Europe’s more militarily advanced countries gaining influence he started in 1857 to execute the army and naval reforms. (Troyat, 1992) (Lovett, 2003) This should therefore have been a very appealing option to Alexander II as he could claim the reforms in his own name and at the same time preserve his power. From an economic point of view the Russian Empire was outdated. In order for Russia under Alexander II to play an important role as an economic power they had to industrialize. ( The emancipation reform could certainly have been an attempt to as well as pleasing the serfs demanding freedom trigger a movement of urbanization and increased factory production. In that sense the emancipation reform could have served yet another cause of trying to westernize and making it seem like Alexander was a man trying to please his people. From an ideological point of view the theses of Alexander reforming secondarily is supported by the fact of some peasants and middle-class citizens adopting the socialist ideas of Karl Marx. This ideological standpoint was dangerous to Alexander II as it included an overthrow of the czar’s power. ( Another ideological group dangerous to Alexander was the nihilists who later on came to practice terrorism which threatened his life. (Radzinskij, 2008) Contradicting the reasons to reform was the orthodox Christian church that could not agree to these reforms and had given him his power combined with his upbringing which had taught him to preserve royal power as a primary initiative. From a social point of view czar Alexander might have reformed as a reaction to his father’s harsh policies imposed on the people as this was arguably a reason the pressured situation had emerged. An example of this would be the educational reform. (Lovett, 2003) Alexander also introduced a judicial reform based in the French system which greatly simplified criminal matter and rendered the different parties involved in a judiciary process more equal. (Troyat, 1992) The latter reform should reasonably have upped Alexander standings with many groups and fulfilled the cause of making him seem like a reformer in order to soothe radical group such as the nihilists mentioned above.

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Responding to Social, Economic and Political Systems Essay

Social, economic and political systems greatly vary across nations, with the minor and major differences dependent on the very foundations of the social, economic and political structures of these nations. For instance, a third-world country with a predominantly Muslim population has various social, economic and political systems to a first-world nation largely composed of Christians, or the opposite can also be true as well. To a certain extent, these systems develop from the most fundamental needs of the people from their collective experience. Since there is a great deal of differences from among the collective experiences among people, there are also corresponding differences in the way in which these people address these experiences, which is why there has been varieties in the social, economic and political systems worldwide.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Moreover, these systems do not remain in a stagnant stage. Rather, social, economic and political systems also undergo certain changes through certain times, whether periodic or constant change. It can also be said that because of these developments in these systems, there has also been a seeming overlap among them inasmuch as terms such as socio-political and socio-economic systems have emerged. In more recent times, changes in the social systems have taken place largely because of the improvements in the economic status of the nation. Changes in the social systems were also likely the results of the recent events which took place in a particular state. For example, the emergence of India as an economic powerhouse in terms of its capability to produce a large number of outsourcing employees has corresponded to a shift in the social status of the Indians, making those employed as outsourcing agents more informed and well-aware of the latest technological advancements.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   China, on the other hand, has been a growing market in the international economy precisely because of its continuous development in international trade due to its cheap goods from cheap labor. China’s cheap labor stems from the fact that the large population of that nation easily provides available manpower in the production lines. The cases of India and China are only some of the many examples which illustrate the idea that social and economic developments oftentimes comes hand-in-hand. Thus, it can be safe to assume that social, economic and political systems may intertwine with one another, bringing about consequent changes to the other while having a direct impact on the status of that system.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   These systems, for the most part, cast direct and indirect influences on the performances of certain organization or agencies operating within a specific location or across several parts from around the world. Direct influences may include but is not entirely limited to political, economic or social systems of a specific nation. The same can also be said of indirect influences although it can further be considered that indirect influences may come from sources external to the regional location where the organization is operating.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   For example, political systems can give either stringent or loose regulations on the operations of an agency depending on the context in which the agency is operating. A profit-oriented agency can directly be influenced by political regulations which limit the target market and the employment policies of that agency for instance. Social systems, too, hold a great deal of influence on the overall performance of an agency profiting from the sales of a certain product. In the case of a populated community, chances of marketing a certain product may be relatively higher than marketing goods within a less populated community.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Yet it should also be noted that agencies which are non-profit by nature are equally influenced by social, political and economic systems as well. Since the existence of non-profit agencies do not depend largely on the financing that they can derive from their operations, it can nevertheless be argued that the social, economic and political systems of a specific state can have a different bearing to agencies which are primarily profit-oriented.   A certain state regulation on marketing goods may very well apply to profit agencies. However, non-profit agencies may experience no impact by these state enforced marketing regulations. What largely influences the operating of non-profit agencies in terms of social, economic and political systems can be observed from the very way in which these systems restrict the activities of these non-profit agencies. These non-profiting related restrictions may come in many forms such as restrictions on the scope of the agency’s operation as well as the extent of the agency’s behavior with respect to the existing state laws.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   A country under a liberal democratic system will essentially enforce limited regulations on agencies such as non-profit ones so as to give these agencies an organizational type of civil liberties, giving more freedom for these non-profit agencies to exercise their functions and purposes. With these things in mind, the social and political systems of a liberal democratic state will significantly increase the participation of non-profit agencies in exercising their functions, thus giving way to servicing more clients or individuals with the services the agency provides. On the other hand, a nation under an authoritarian regime will most likely restrict the operations of a non-profit agency, placing its activities under close scrutiny of the authorities.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   From the examples given, it can be seen that the socio-political composition of a nation or, more specifically, of a government greatly affects a non-profit agency be it in terms of its capability to exercise its functions or its capacity to provide certain services to the people not even as a marketing scheme but as a servicing scheme.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Further, the economic system of a specific country can also influence both the internal and external decisions and actions of a non-profit agency. Japan was once a nation which isolated itself from the rest of the world, making any financial aid from foreign agencies less likely to penetrate the funds of the non-profit agencies within Japan. Although to a certain extent these external financial aids from foreign organization may reach the funds of the non-profit agency in Japan, there could have been difficult obstacles prior to that. More recently, the economic prosperity of Japan and its opening of its borders to the world have nonetheless become contributive events to the welfare of several Japanese non-profit agencies which can make the most out of foreign financial assistance.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Moreover, non-profit agencies in third-world countries such as the Philippines can encounter the difficulty of mobilizing its services across communities precisely because these communities come in a large number. The necessity to address the needs of a specific number of constituents in a certain community should first be established. Otherwise it becomes more difficult for the non-profit agency to materialize its goals given the limited amount of resources. In general, the economic system of any given country or community greatly affects the manner in which a non-profit agency addresses this factor and in which the agency allocates its resources.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In essence, political, social and economic systems affect non-profit agencies and that these agencies would have to make the most of what is available in terms of resources. Certain restrictions may be present, yet these things test the integrity of any non-profit agency. Reference Reiner, T. A., & Wolpert, J. (1991). The Non-Profit Sector in the Metropolitan Economy. Economic Geography, 57(1), 23-33.

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LEGAL ISSUES FOR MANAGERS - Ethics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

LEGAL ISSUES FOR MANAGERS - Ethics - Assignment Example The manager also would be exercising breach of code as stated in clause 4 relating to the company’s competition and fair dealing As relates to Beal’s concerns, the parties involved are; the manager of the accounting department who is aware of the discrepancies in the accounts created in the accounting department and those presented to the board of directors. A few of the accountants are spending the company’s property and working time in running of their own businesses. The manager is aware that someone is responsible for breaching clause 6 of the code. Furthermore, such records amounts up to $100million fraud through overvaluing of assets could most likely lead to harsh disciplinary action like loss of employment or even criminal prosecution. The accountants on the other hand, are not only using the company’s time to conduct their own private businesses; but they also using the company’s assets as well. The accounts are in breach of almost all sub-clauses of clause 5. For instance, they use their business time for their own private work. In addition, as relates to clause 3, the ac countants are engaged in using the company’s computers. The Japanese company, which a major supplier extending an invitation to Linda Plant, the RH purchaser and her husband for a two-day trip to Sydney and Rolling stone’s band concert in Australia. This would mean a breach of sub-clause 5.3 of the conflict of interest clause. That is, Linda Plant as a purchaser was not to be involved in any form of acceptance (recipient) of gifts from a supplier; which would act towards the interests of the Japanese company benefiting; if Linda would be involved direct or indirectly in the purchase. In addition, any money or services extended to an employee, family member or to any company RH is involved in a transaction with is not

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Segregation and US Civil Rights Movement in the last 60 YEARS Research Paper

Segregation and US Civil Rights Movement in the last 60 YEARS - Research Paper Example These are not simply racist behavior and social-cultural inequalities. In certain circumstances, racial discrimination is institutionalized. It is set down legally, is part of the techniques employed by judicial and penitential bodies, and can lead to serious violations of fundamental human rights, in the form of degrading or inhuman treatment. Despite clear attestation to the contrary, all races in America have been declared overtime to be equally hard-working and talented, and anyone who challenges the dogma is perceived to be not merely wrong but evil. The dogma has logical effects that are profoundly important (Clark, 2003, pg., 33). If blacks, for instance, are equal to whites in every way, what explanations can be given for their poverty, dissipation and criminality? Because any theory of racial segregation has been outlawed, the only possible explanation for black lack of success is white racism although this is debatable. And since blacks are crime-prone, dissipated and marke dly poor, United States must be racked with a pervasive and horrible segregation (Rothwell, 2011, pg., 77). Racism is not just a concern in United States but one of the world’s major issues currently. Many individuals are not aware of the gravity of racism still existing in our workforces, schools and anywhere else social lives are present. This essay may help understand these instances and areas that the government can act upon Many years after the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling it can be argued that, de facto racial segregation remains a force to reckon with. United States has been reluctant to fulfill its legal duties under the International Convention on the elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Convention). This lack of commitment has necessitated the various civil rights movements demand actions. The struggle for fair employment among United States citizens has been a major concern in my view. Despite the convention report criticism of the United

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The affects of Agent orange Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The affects of Agent orange - Research Paper Example Talking about the chemical composition of the Agent Orange, it is a 50:50 mixture of 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T) and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) (Scheme 1). Scheme 1: Phoxyacetic acids that form Agent Orange (Claus and Walters, 148). Series of studies were undertaken in order to evaluate potential effects of Agent Orange and its production by-products on health. Let alone the mixture that form Agent Orange, 2,4,5-T is highly toxic and there is a substantial amount of evidence regarding its possible effects on health and environment. In late 1960s it was revealed that 2,4,5-T usually contained dioxin (TCDD), which was more toxic then 2,4,5-T. This information allowed to explain a number of properties attributed to Agent Orange. Scheme 2: Production of Agent Orange components and unwanted side reactions (Claus and Walters, 148). 2,4,5-T was synthesized by Robert Pokorny in 1941. Subsequently the compound was extensively studied and patented as a weed killer. Later, the spectrum of its applications increased as well as the amount of publications and patents regarding this product. 2,4,5-T was in production from 1950 to 1979. During that time Dow Chemical was the largest company producing this chemical for agricultural purposes. Taking the production from the lab into industry led to the formation of the highly toxic dioxin 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) as a consequence of a side reaction (Scheme 1). The first step of the process is the reaction between 1,2,4,5-tetrachlorobenzene and sodium hydroxide to afford 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxide (2,4,5-TCP)(Scheme 1). The formed product would then react with chloroacetic acid at 1400C to yield 2,4,5-T. Temperature control is critical for both processes, because at 1600C 2,4,5-T can participate in a self-condensation reaction leading to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)(Heaton 1996). In the second half of the 20th century no precautions were taken to eliminate the formation of t his dioxin. As a result, seventeen thousand people were exposed to this dangerous by product in Italy during an accident on a chemical plant near Seveso in 1976 (Eskenazi, et al., 2003). When such precautions were taken it was difficult to maintain the required temperature in the industrial scale reaction vessel. For this reason dioxin was a consistent by product in the 2,4,5-T production. Its quantities were measured in parts per million, and according to initial legislation had to be no higher than one part per million. Later the limit was pushed to 0.1 ppm and 0.01 ppm in the United States and UK respectively. In order to meet this requirement better temperature control was introduced and the formed dioxin was removed from 2,4,5-T (Hay 160). Talking about toxicology of dioxin and the components that form Agent Orange, according to Arthur Galston’s extensive review published in 1979, TCDD in trace quantities was able to bring up serious health issues in test animals. Dioxin e is the primary toxic compound of Agent Orange. Its presence was able to promote chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), soft-tissue sarcoma and both Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s types of lymphoma. Exposure to Agent Orange leads to increased chances of acute myelogenous leukemia in the children of the US soldiers who served in Vietnam (Schuck 19). Another study, conducted in 1969 exposed the toxicity of

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Car industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Car industry - Essay Example choosing cars is because the automotive industry forms the economic sector that is most symbolic of the modern times as well as the environmental consequences of modernity. The effect of the automobile, as well as the auto-centered transport system on U.S.’s ecology and the world over has been large. From the production process to its end of life, automobiles consume resources; pollute land, air and water in addition to transforming space. The production of cars needs collecting many quantities of metals, plastic, glass and rubber plus other materials, and then assembling tens of thousands of vehicles through machine and human labor (McGranahan & Murray 2012, p. 45). This process of production itself uses gigantic amount of energy, plus the factory output creates its own range of pollutants. Once the automobile is on the road, they are the main consumers of gas and oil, which stimulates deeper drilling, transporting plus refining of petroleum products so as the meet the increasing demands. Because the internal combustion engine still dominates automobile propulsion, vehicles give out huge volumes of pollution in form of noise, air emission, disp osable parts and used oil (Melosi n.d., p. 1). Scrapped or derelict vehicles pile up once vehicles conclude their productive lives. Beyond their roles as artifacts and polluters, cars have transformed towns and the entire country more than any other technology ever created by human beings. In spite of their dramatic effect, the ecological history of automobile is hard to depict (Gasana et al., 2012, p. 36). This is because, over the years, vehicles have be considered both as a benefactor and also a threat, as a advantage to freedom, individualism and liberation and as the bane of contemporary society. By the turn of the 20th century what had only been a technical curiosity, a noise-belching menace to humans and a rich man’s plaything, started to gain acceptance (Melosi n.d., p. 1). Optimists touted the automobile as a

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Analysis of the New CIO Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis of the New CIO - Assignment Example I would have to agree with the assumption. Due to the fact that has briefly been leveraged in question 1, this author can recognize that whether one considers the way that communications take place throughout an organization, the method that payments are ultimately disbursed, the means by which information systems are kept up to date, the programs that drive the economic and accounting systems that ultimately derive the bulk of the organization’s profits, or the maintenance and sustainment of the infrastructure that records timely and extraordinarily important historical data, IT forms the backbone and transit system through which each of these processes run. This has mainly developed out of a sheer under-appreciation for and lack of resources being allocated to the elements of IT within a given organization. As a function of the dotcom crash and the subsequent slowdown of the economy, resources have continually been robbed from IT and redistributed elsewhere throughout organizations. This has meant that systems and processes that should be updated and renewed on a monthly or yearly basis are left antiquated. Such a practice necessarily means that a type of capability gap with regards to what current technology, within the possession of the IT department and the organization, can effect with regards to the demands of the current economy is much limited. In a one word answer to the above question – no. The fact of the matter, as has been described by the given case study that was analyzed, is the fact that the IT manager and/or CIO has within his grasp the broadest and overarching responsibilities of any managerial position within a given firm or organization. Due to the level of interaction and tie-ins with the different departments, IT ultimately forms the backbone of the organization in question and means that this is the most dynamic management position within most organizations.  Given the fact that the dotcom madness had occurred outside of the concerns of the given firm, the fact of the matter is that the firm is open to a degree of development that other firms had already developed poor habits within.  Ã‚  

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Business Models and Cross-Cultural Differences Assignment

Business Models and Cross-Cultural Differences - Assignment Example The annual quantities can be estimated. For instance, in 2001 about 8.5million cosmetic surgical procedures were carried out. Besides, doctors did about 127,000 non-ablative laser skin procedures. The marketing strategy, in this case, is to assess technological and design factors in cosmetic surgery. In addition, the company will look into their current market size, market share, role of competitors. Others are to evaluate the effect of substitute products like LED devices and consider the bargaining power of existing and potential clients. The company should continue to outsource the design and construction of gentle waves from Light Sciences Company of Virginia Beach, because it will benefit from economies of scale and better negotiations than developing one. Being the CEO, I would specialize in the skin treatment, prioritize on good client service and seek better negotiations with suppliers. I will also increase the number of skilled personnel to cope with surging numbers of clien ts. Problem 2 Part A: The film demonstrates the integration of various talents to engender and new era of computer technology. Each had an exceptional gift of computer programming, hardware and hacking. The strategy applied here is technological and industry specific (Porter, 1998). Special expertise is required to produce a new prototype of modern day computer. This according to the student will meet user expectation in computer security, software and hardware. Therefore, entrepreneurship emanates from invention and design control to ensure a continuous flow of income into the future. Patents and copyrights protect and sustain the gains in design, creativity and innovation hence competitors are few (Brandenburger, & Nalebuff, 2006). Substitutes are available, but not an enormous threat owing to the uniqueness of the invention. Buyers will be able to buy the product as long as it meets their expectations and needs. Suppliers of computer parts will be few and competitive since the in vention requires new techniques in production. The competitor rivalry will reduce due to product uniqueness and monopoly. Part B: The forming stage involved one individual’s desire to approach three colleagues and focus on team organization, roles and meetings. There is learning, independence and knowledge sharing. Storming stage involved combining the different ideas of programming, hardware and security. They also open up to new ideas, opinions, arguments and perspectives. Norming comprised of teams desire to have one goal of developing a computer with a strong mutual plan (Porter, 1998). They had to give up their own individual ideas and perform as a team so as to make team goals a success. Individuals in performing stage get involved the design and fabrication of computer components, running the operating system and installing system security. Once the design is complete, the team members engage in review, revision and celebration of their results by throwing a party. The team stands dissolved at this stage (Brandenburger, & Nalebuff, 2006). Problem 3 Bus service is a government as well as private service to travelers within and outside principal cities. The service involves making payments, bookings, carrying passengers and responding to customers’ queries and complaints. Christmas seasons records high bookings since many people travel while others go on arranged

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Reading Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading - Assignment Example The article notes that although, there are some negative impacts that are associated with the use of the internet, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The author precisely means that the internet makes people smarter. However, he notes that it do not necessarily make individuals smarter at all times (Whitney, 2010). The author makes use of an inductive argument and makes use of facts to convince the audience. These arguments are effective and convincing to the audience. I agree with the arguments expressed in the article since they are based on facts. His research is also based on those expressed by experts in different fields. The author’s major argument is based on the claim that the internet makes people smarter. Her sole purpose is to persuade and the arguments are based on opinions. The sources used in the article are reliable since most experts agree on one thing. The tone of the article is persuasive. There are no biases on the author’s side. Logos appeals are employed to evoke thinking. Not all important angles were covered as no statistics were provided to support the claim. This is also the weakness in the reasoning presented. I agree with the author because the internet has resulted to easy and quick access of all sorts of information. The ideas connected with mine based on the few setbacks that are linked with the internet. The article is titled â€Å"Critical Thinking Crucial in the Information Age† and was written by Massimo Pigliucci. The article stated that critical thinking is not given the significance it deserves in the modern world. This is supported by the arguments made by Socrates on knowledge (Pigliucci. 2011). The article states that knowledge and ignorance are both the major causes of evil. The author states that ignorance is the major cause of evil in the major cause of evil in the modern times. The article expresses that it is difficult for human beings to prove

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Environmental Ethical Issues Essay Example for Free

Environmental Ethical Issues Essay Contemporary environmental ethics emerged as an academic discipline in the 1970’s, as nature was the focus of much of the nineteenth and twentieth century philosophy. † In the past thirty years society started the questioning and thinking of the relationship of human beings with the natural environment. This reflected an already widespread perception in the 1960’s that the twentieth century faced a population time bomb and a serious environmental crisis. The commercial farming practices impacted environmental and public health concerns. The chemicals used in farming on the crops are harmful and could cause health problems for society. This is an ethical issue when they know that harm can humans but making a profit comes first. On the other hand we now know that they are harmful and the government is trying to regulate the chemicals used. I believe it works in some instances but not with everyone. Discovered in 1968, by Stanford ecologist, Paul Eehrlich, warned that the growth of human population and viability of planetary life support systems are in trouble. Pollution is due to the overuse of our capacities. The government attempts to reach a common ground and change how areas are populated. They regulate what we build and how far apart we can. They also make wildlife preserves to protect animals from extension. They also make sure that protected trees are left and they also keep certain animal species protected. They are seeing the over population and starting to see that we need to do to keep our population free of overpopulation. In the past our society either turned a deaf eye or did not exactly know the consequences of what was happening in society. If we keep the idea and ethics in the environment we will make a huge change in society. Animal rights activist are concerned about the rights of animals. I do believe that animals should have rights to but I also feel that in rats and other rodents we need testing to help save some lives. If we did not use them then we would not find cures for cancer, aids and many other life threatening diseases. If we do not use animals then what do we use? In the past this was not a concern because it did not raise such an environmental ethical issue. Today we know more and many more people are concerned of what happens to them and why we are using animals. I feel that we should use animals instead of humans. Humans are also used in studies and things happen to them just like animals. I feel that this is not ethical. I know that sometimes they use a placebo and then a drug that could save a persons life. What if you were the one that got the placebo? Would that make you and your family feel good knowing that something could have saved your life? I was personally involved in an environmental ethical issue where I lived. It was a highly published case that really caused a lot of controversy in the news and with society. I lived off of Marlee, which was about a mile away from the area of contamination. The government did know that the chemicals were being dumped and covered up. After many years of covering it up, it came out in the news. It kind of reminded me of the movie with Julia Roberts Erin Brocovitch. Everyone was located and had meetings to discuss the health problems that the people that grew up along there had been experiencing. Myself being one of them, having cysts on my ovaries at 9 years of age. I knew so many people who died from cancer at an early age. I was friends with many people who had miscarriages. It was very bad time in our lives and devastating that the people had to suffer because someone wanted to save money. I can promise you one thing that the company paid a lot more after the fact then they would have if they disposed of the waste properly. I know that the peoples life expectancy in the neighborhood I lived in I only about 50-60 which is rater young. If our society would all do there part and not expect that is will just change itself we will live in an environmental ethical society. The new saying is† think green† and I have even been making sure not to print something unless absolutely needed. It is going to take an effort on al people not just some to change our society and make it a more environmental ethical place to live. Ruggiero, V. R. , (2008). Thinking critically about ethical issues. McGraw Hill. Boston.