Friday, August 23, 2019

Cellular pathology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cellular pathology - Essay Example Eosin is orange pink. The morphology of the tissue The morphology of this tissue from a patient with gastritis is that its inflammatory infiltrate is consisted of lymphocytes that appear dispersed with nodular structures. This complication is termed as lymphocytic gastritis where lymphocytes are detected within the epithelia of granular that are a component of the inflammatory disease. Primary gastric lymphomas lead to more severe intra-glandular lymphocytic infiltrate that destroys or partially replaces the structure of glandular continuity. The presence of neutrophils within the lamina propria of the tissue defines the active inflammation in the gastric mucosa. The gastric biopsy sample develops different glands population (mucosecreting mucosa). The minuscule foci of metaplastic cells may occasionally be encountered in the foveola epithelium, but the overall appropriate glands’ density is not affected. There is also the gastric atrophy that involves the loss of the appropriate glan ds. This occurs where metaplastic glands hence developing a new commitment replace the native glands. The replacement leads to fewer structures of glands. The pathogenesis of the organism demonstrated by the Giemsa stain Modified Giemsa stain is used to identifying the pathogenesis of the organism with the gastritis infection. The organism has been found to be frequently associated with H. Pylori (Helicobacter pylori) that is a negative bacillus. In this histological examination with the Giemsa recognises H. Pylori as curved, short and spiral bacilli located on the surface of epithelial in the layer of mucus of gastric mucosa. Though the diagnosis appeared very slow in sensitivity and specificity, the organism seemed to be originating from H. Pylori in single bacilli of mild colonization. The patient who originally detected to have chronic active gastritis in

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