Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hounds Of The Baskerville :: essays research papers

The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One night Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson came back to there office and found a walking cane. After finding this walking cane Holmes and Watson examined and made hypothesis of who could have left this walking canes here. After making a conclusion Dr. Mortimer came in the office with a case of homicide on Sir Charles Baskerville who had died that week. Dr. Mortimer explains what had happened to his friend. Dr. Mortimer thought that even though it was a clean death he thinks there is some foul play. Holmes and Watson decide to take the case. Afterwards Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville go back to the hotel. When they leave Holmes and Watson decide to follow them. Holmes and Watson discover that there is someone following Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer. When they return to the hotel they discover a note that is telling Sir Henry to stay off the moor. When Holmes and Watson go to see Sir Henry for breakfast when Sir Henry tells Holmes that he was missing a boot he had bought the day before. After he observes the threat of the death and sends Dr. Watson down with Sir Henry to the moor. After a slow week Watson observes that Ms. Stapleton saying to go back to London to Watson. Watson puts that into his first memo to Holmes. In his second Memo he had put in that there was a convict on the moor. Also during that memo he mentioned that he heard the howl of a strange animal. He also adds the description of all the suspects. One night they follow Barrymore into a room where he has a candle up against the window. Watson found out that the convict on the moor is Mrs. Barrymore’s brother and they were feeding him. Watson and Sir Henry decided to go catch the convict that night. That night they chase the convict to run from the moor when they see a shadow of a man in shape somewhat like Holmes. Later that week Barrymore gives Watson some critical evidence of who could have killed Sir Charles. Barrymore gives Watson an end of a burnt letter with the initials L.L. The next day Watson goes to everyone in the moor who has the initials of L.L. He finds out it was Laura Lyo ns and goes to her the next day.

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