Wednesday, July 24, 2019

English assigment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

English assigment - Assignment Example Throughout the essay, Fish (2004) makes use of various logical appeals (Logos). After introducing the audience to the bill under debate, he highlights its positive aspects, the points he agrees with. After this, he makes his position clear by enumerating and discussing the points of disagreement one by one and some very strong logical appeals have been made while doing so. Fish (2004) states logical arguments against the implementations of the bill one by one. First he highlights the dual meaning of ‘seeking the truth’, followed by the notion that seeking the truth is not even remotely related to modeling students into members of a pluralistic society or any other society for that matter. Fish (2004) further points out, that although intellectual diversity may help in pursuit of truth, it is not an end in itself and should not be considered as a goal. Drawing on ethical appeal (ethos), towards the middle of the article, Fish states: ‘Teaching†¦yes, it is my job†¦but it is definitely not my job to produce citizens for a pluralistic society or for any other’. This statement brings the audiences’ attention to the ethical duties of a teacher clearly drawing a line between political and academic duties of an academia; which is ethically appealing. Fish (2004) also points out a discrepancy among the words and actions taken by Horowitz. The article concludes with two examples of instances where the actions taken by Horowitz clearly oppose his words. Though the essay is mostly logical; however, in addition to logical appeals and a few ethical appeals; it also has emotional appeal. The very title of the article makes use of metaphoric language, intended to appeal to emotions. Usage of pathos is also apparent in the paragraph where the author is comparing the left and right end of the political spectrum in a satirical manner using pejorative language: ‘the right wins hands down†¦our colleges and universities are hotbeds

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